MBA ||

Master of Business Administration

Course Length - 12 months


- Bachelor's Degree holder (or) Higher National Diploma with minimum of one year of professional experience who submits a complete application for evaluation by the Admission Committee

- English approval IELTS 5.5 Certificate (or) upper intermediate level Certificate

   Program Overview

The MBA (Master of Business Administration) is a 12 months-long dynamic program designed to provide participants with the global view of business. In today's fast-changing environment SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities seeks to provide participants with the edge in the business world, through a program that promotes creativity, entrepreneurship and ideas from around the globe. New dimensions in business and in public life generate needs for business leaders with excellent knowledge of economics, management, leadership and the praxis in international business. The MBA program is divided into 22 modules, and participants meet twice per week for approximately twelve months. During this period students meet highly qualified SWPS University lectures.

   Program Methodology

The MBA uses a practical learning approach based on three main features: (1) Problem-solving, (2) Teamwork and (3) Business writing and public speaking. Participants learn creative thinking and the importance of group interaction in problem- solving. Specific emphasis is placed on recognizing and adapting to change, recognizing potential, analyzing possible solutions, and initiating proper guidelines. All modules of the MBA program are heavily geared to learn participation. The program emphasizes efficient and clear business writing and speaking confidently and clearly in presentations.

   Program Participants

MBA participants are holders of a Bachelor's degree or and HND (combined with at least one year of professional experience) from a wide range of disciplines striving for success in business, People skills are very important to the class dynamics. Open minds, charisma and elements of humility, as well as entrepreneurial streak in a person are important traits of our Participants and are highly valued at SWPS University.

PROGRAM is composed of 22 modules.

Managerial Economics and Finance


  Managerial Economics

  Operations Management

 Management Practices in Europe, the U.S.       and Emerging Markets

  Financial Management and Policies

Psychology in Business and HR

  Motivating Individuals and Teams; Persuasion      and the Art of Influence

 Creative Thinking for Decision Making and      Decision Analysis

   Energy and Stress Management


  Consumer Behavior

  Presentation Skills


  Etiquette in Business


  ommercial in Law

  Financial Accounting

  Auditing and Professional Responsibility

  Tax Optimization


  Generating Startup and Venture Ideas

  Entrepreneurial Strategies

  Venture Capital

  R&D and Government Incentives

Family Business

Project Management

  Management by Project I

  Final Project